[Instantrails-users] Now this should be an instant rails question...

David Morton mortonda at dgrmm.net
Sat Jan 21 23:36:05 EST 2006

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MaxSteel wrote:
> I am now ready to put my site to the public (well private) users.
> Whenever I go to the url, the only thing that gets displayed is the
> "Coming Soon" page.
> I've figured it out that that's the index.html in the /www dir.
> How do I get it to point to my cookbook site?

Look at the typo app for help:  remove the index.html page, and then in your
config/routes.rb, add:

# default
map.index '', :controller  => 'articles', :action => 'index'

but replace your own controller and action.

I'd highly recommend buying the book, "Agile Web Development with Rails", it
goes over this and several of your other questions.  It's worth its weight in gold.

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