[Instantrails-users] A thought...

Frank Hale frankhale at gmail.com
Mon Jan 16 10:46:16 EST 2006

> The only quibble I have is that the tutorial is out of date.  I thought...

I've thought the exact same thing Bill. Finding good documented
examples is not that easy, I've looked. There are some but if you are
a beginner then it'll be tough at first. There is alot of source code
that is open source out there to. I'm not the kind of person that gets
much by reading others source code with no comments or the bigger
picture of what the code is doing. I bought the Agile Web Development
with Rails book and while it is several months old it has been a very
valuable resource. I'd recommend it and if you just get the PDF I
think it's around 25 dollars or so.

I'd like to see some update RwRoR tutorials. If you are going to do it
then I support you! Haha =)

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