[Instantrails-users] RwRoR on IR?

Bill Walton bill.walton at charter.net
Thu Jan 12 11:53:33 EST 2006

Thanks, Frank.  I'll try that in the hope I can get enough working to do
some development.  OTOH, I'm evaluating RoR in the hope that I'll be able to
use it to deploy a production web site.  So getting Apache working in order
to begin to get a handle on issues relating to its use is important to me.

Your response brings up another question for me...

What the heck is SCGI and how does it fit into the Rails architecture?

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> > IR "installs" Apache."  Do I still start the Webrick server?
> I'll tell you the way I use IR. I open the manager app and then start
> only MySQL. I use the Ruby console that is provided by IR and Webrick
> for all my development. I never use Apache or SCGI at all and I don't
> use IR in any production capacity. For me the benefit in IR is that I
> can put it on my usb hard drive and take it with me and wherever I am
> I have a fully capable Rails playground.
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