[Instantrails-users] InstantRails and Apache module

Curt Hibbs curt.hibbs at gmail.com
Tue Jan 10 10:13:44 EST 2006

On 1/10/06, simplelife <simplelife at kusa-makura.com> wrote:
> I have installed InstantRails 1.0. It works well.
> I used typo without problems.
> But I have a question.
> I need to use header module in Apache.
> I edited httpd.conf.
>     #LoadModule headers_module modules/mod_headers.so
>    -->LoadModule headers_module modules/mod_headers.so
>     #AddModule mod_headers.c
>     -->AddModule mod_headers.c
>    Header  append Server "xxxx"
> And I restarted InstantRails.
> But Apache did not return "Server: xxxx" in http header.
> Please let me know the solution.

Did you edit httpd.conf through the Instant Rails menu "Configure >>
Apache"? This is important because if you edit it directly, it will get
overwritten later on.

Other than that, I don't know the answer to your question (I'm not an Apache
expert). There is nothing special about the Apache included in Instant
Rails, so figuring out you problem would be no different than any other
Apache installation.

There are others on the ML that know more about Apache than I do, so perhaps
they can help. Any of the Apache support forums out there might be able to
help (you could even try the Rails mailing list).


  Did you check the Apache error log to see if it had any useful info?
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