[Instantrails-users] instant rails with radrails

Frank Hale frankhale at gmail.com
Wed Jan 4 11:51:23 EST 2006

This is silly but I'm pretty happy about it.

I took Rad Rails unzipped it, stuffed it into the Instant Rails dir. I
started IR, opened up a ruby console, changed to the RR's dir and
executed radrails.exe. Since the console has all the required path
information now RadRails will work perfectly with Instant Rails.

After that I simply changed the use_ruby.cmd to have the path info for radrails.

Ah, yes it's simply childs play but damn if I am not happy for taking
the time to do this. What a nice well rounded Rails dev environment
that I can take with me on a USB drive now complete with a full blown

Do I see a bundled Instant Rails / Rad Rails combo in the future??? Hehe...

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