[Instantrails-users] SCGI and Apache2 for Windows withoutVirtualHosts?

Eric Lund etlund at gmail.com
Fri Feb 24 20:38:40 EST 2006

Thanks for pointing me to that. 
Unfortunately, that page   (
ctories ) seems to assume a lot of working knowledge of what's going on with
both Apache and SCGI.  I have very little experience with either so I can't
quite figure out how to follow the instructions.
If anyone can help clarify things, that would be great.
In the httpd.conf file, I'm supposed to add this:
SCGIMount /rails/app

<Directory /var/www/rails/>

       AllowOverride All

Where does this code go?  Inside a <VirtualHost> section or somewhere else?
What do I need to remove from a 'default' InstantRails httpd.conf?
What am I supposed to point those path's to?  Is "/rails/app" supposed to be
the new url of my app?
Does "/var/www/rails/" point to my app '/public/' folder or something else?
Also, once I am able to figure out how to make this happen (host my
different rails apps as subfolders instead of as virtual hosts) what steps
do I take to to add another app?
If I can get this figure out and working, I'd be happy to update the wiki so
that it uses the actual InstantRails configuration files as examples
(instead of generalized, pretend examples)
Thanks again,


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On 2/23/06, Eric Lund <etlund at gmail.com> wrote: 

I just saw this post in the rails wiki:


Does anyone know how to make a similar configuration work with an Instant
Rails, SCGI setup?

Here's a page from thge Instant Rails wiki which may help:



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