[Instantrails-users] MySQL-Front in tutorial?

Mike Smith msmith at remedymd.com
Thu Feb 16 16:52:05 EST 2006

thanks for clarifying. I'll keep that opportunity in mind.


Bill Walton wrote:
> Hi Mike,
> I don't understand your "does not seem to match the 'screen-for-screen'
> promise, since..." comment below.  My 'promise' was (intended to be) related
> to the differences between working through the tutorial using InstantRails
> vs. working through it setting up Rails component-by-component as instructed
> in Curt's original.  His original used MySQL-Front, not PHP / PHPMyAdmin, so
> I considered them outside the scope of my update too.
> OTOH, if there's another version of the tutorial that could be written to
> illustrate their use, that would be way cool to have.  We could rename the
> one that's there to show it's specific to MySQL-Front and add another one
> that links to a new version of the tutorial showing how to end up with the
> same result using PHP and PHPMyAdmin instead.  I'll be happy to send you the
> source files (html and images) if you're interested in putting it together.
> Let me know.
> Best regards,
> Bill
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>>The tutorial is based around MySQL-Front. This does not seem to match
>>the "screen-for-screen" promise, since InstantRails comes with PHP and
>>PHPMyAdmin. It's easy to use, but different than the tutorial.
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