[Instantrails-users] No Instant Gratification ! Browser can't access localhost:3000 (IR 1.4)

Harrivel gharrivel at free.fr
Thu Dec 7 11:36:44 EST 2006

Hi! I'm learning Ruby on Rails with the Agile Web Development With Rails 
book. I have installed InstantRails 1.4 (under windows xp 2) and after 
doing all steps (gem updates, rails demo, ruby script/server which 
launches WEBrick server), I can't access the localhost:3000 with the 
browser. I tried in apache config, then with my IP 
address (given by DHCP, I'm behind an ADSL router) 
Firefox says he can't etablish any connexion with the server at this 

I tried also to "listen 3000" to apache config, but the browser goes to 
InstantRails/www/index.html...  I've modified also the wondows etc/hosts 
file...Please, help me!

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