[Instantrails-users] help! installing instant rails on a networkserver

Spolarich, Brian bspolarich at picometrix.com
Tue Aug 22 13:52:15 EDT 2006

> I have installed instant rails on my local machine and 
> created an application. Now I want to install instant rails 
> on my network server to make the app available to the 
> network. I installed IR on the network server but I can't 
> access it from any of my machines on the network. Could it be 
> that I changed the port on the Apache config to 3000? I had 
> to do this to get apache to run because another app was using 
> 80. I have tried the following No luck!

  Frank, perhaps I'm misunderstanding you, but the IP address
'' always points to the loopback interface on your client
machine, so that's not going to work.

  You'll need to connect to the server where you've installed
InstantRails using its IP address or hostname.  You can identify this
via 'ipconfig'.

  You can verify that InstantRails is running and listening on port 3000
via 'netstat -an' and look for a socket marked as LISTEN on port 3000.
If you don't see that you know that Apache is not running and listening
for connections.  I'd look at the apache error log at that point and
resolve any startup errors you see.


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