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Matthew Schultz mschultz at agency.com
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I'm going through the same book (:page=>167), which means I've passed
the section you're currently on. I'm using IE6.0x, and the AJAX feature
is working for me. The display isn't as smooth as in Firefox, but it
definitely works. 


I'd be happy to check out your code if you can't get it to work. I've
been running into issues every now and again, and every time (so far)
it's been a typo on my part. You might want to have a fresh set of eyes
check your code.


Matt Schultz


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Having some trouble inserting some AJAX onto IE.  I am going through the
Agile Web Development with Rails pdf beta book and have run into a
problem at Task D2 "An Ajax Based Cart"  I have successfully made it
this far in working through the Depot application example.  However, It
appears that IE dosn't want to let me add this table to my HTML page.  I
even changed the HTML <TABLE> in the partial to <TBODY> ( I googled that
up).   I am running IE v 6.0 on a XP SP2 pc.  

Here is the log snippet.


Processing StoreController#add_to_cart (for at 2006-08-18
19:07:22) [POST]
  Session ID: ef23105e9ab011e49188ae2526b80aa8
  Parameters: {"commit"=>"Add to Cart", "action"=>"add_to_cart",
"id"=>"2", "controller"=>"store"} 
  [4;36;1mProduct Columns (0.000000)[0m   [0;1mSHOW FIELDS FROM
  [4;35;1mProduct Load (0.010000)[0m   [0mSELECT * FROM products WHERE
(products.id = 2) [0m
Rendering store/add_to_cart 
Rendered store/_cart_item (0.01000)
Rendered store/_cart_item (0.00000)
Rendered store/_cart_item (0.01000)
Rendered store/_cart (0.02000)
Completed in 0.04000 (25 reqs/sec) | Rendering: 0.03000 (75%) | DB:
0.01000 (25%) | 200 OK [http://localhost/store/add_to_cart/2]


ROR seems to be working right, it seems to me that IE can't handle the
AJAX post.


Does anyone know the answer here?




John Houston


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