[Instantrails-users] RJS error - object error

John Houston johnjrmo at gmail.com
Fri Aug 18 19:12:13 EDT 2006

Having some trouble inserting some AJAX onto IE.  I am going through the
Agile Web Development with Rails pdf beta book and have run into a problem
at Task D2 "An Ajax Based Cart"  I have successfully made it this far in
working through the Depot application example.  However, It appears that IE
dosn't want to let me add this table to my HTML page.  I even changed the
HTML <TABLE> in the partial to <TBODY> ( I googled that up).   I am running
IE v 6.0 on a XP SP2 pc.
Here is the log snippet.

Processing StoreController#add_to_cart (for at 2006-08-18
19:07:22) [POST]
  Session ID: ef23105e9ab011e49188ae2526b80aa8
  Parameters: {"commit"=>"Add to Cart", "action"=>"add_to_cart", "id"=>"2",
  Product Columns (0.000000)   SHOW FIELDS FROM
  Product Load (0.010000)   SELECT * FROM products WHERE (
products.id = 2) 
Rendering store/add_to_cart
Rendered store/_cart_item (0.01000)
Rendered store/_cart_item (0.00000)
Rendered store/_cart_item (0.01000)
Rendered store/_cart (0.02000)
Completed in 0.04000 (25 reqs/sec) | Rendering: 0.03000 (75%) | DB:
0.01000(25%) | 200 OK [

ROR seems to be working right, it seems to me that IE can't handle the AJAX

Does anyone know the answer here?


John Houston

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