[Instantrails-users] Rolling with Ruby on [Instant]Rails, Release 1.0 on Win2K SP4

Bill Walton bill.walton at charter.net
Fri Aug 11 12:39:02 EDT 2006

I'm forwarding a couple of messages I got this morning from a fellow who's having a problem when accessing the RwRoR tutorial on the wiki.  I'd appreciate it if someone else would check the link to the tutorial to see if there's some problem with the images being served.  I don't see anything wrong when I access it.  But he sent me a PDF showing he's not getting the images.  Any ideas re: what might be causing his problem?

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    Dear Bill,
         Thanks a lot for your kindly reply!
         I have visited following link again:
         but ,there is still the same problem:  Figure20 to Figure66 can not be displayed. 
         For more detailed information,kindly please find the attached file for your reference!(It is the page I can see)
  Thanks again for your help!

  Best Regards
  Tates Han
  2006/8/11, Bill Walton <bill.walton at charter.net>: 
    Hi Tates,

    Are you still unable to see the images?  I checked the wiki this morning and didn't have a problem.  There is no PDF version of the tutorial.  Thanks for the thought, though.  It's something to keep in mind.  If you're still having a problem with getting the images served, let me know and I'll pass the info along to someone who might be able to help figure out what the problem is. 

    Best regards,
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      From: tates han 
      To: bill.walton at charter.net 
      Sent: Thursday, August 10, 2006 9:33 PM
      Subject: Rolling with Ruby on [Instant]Rails, Release 1.0 on Win2K SP4

          Thanks for your Rolling with Ruby on instant rials!
          But the pricuture on the page can not displayed from Pic20. 
          I am learning ruby on rails. and Would you kindly please send me the the PDF version or something like that?
      Thanks&Best Regards!

      Tates Han

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