[Instantrails-users] Can I change "rails_apps" location?

gregsfm at tpg.com.au gregsfm at tpg.com.au
Fri Aug 4 20:00:45 EDT 2006


Question 1 - Anyone know how to change the "rails_apps" location?  i.e.
so I can have it in a user data area (which gets backed up) rather than
under the instantrails installation area?  

i.e. such that when one (a) goes "open ruby console window" it opens
here and (b) when one goes "manage rails applications" it is the new
directory that is scanned for rails apps.

Question 2 - How to add additional items to the path of a console window
that is opened via instantrails via the "open ruby console window"

thanks in advance

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