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Bill Walton bill.walton at charter.net
Sat Apr 29 12:40:54 EDT 2006

Curt, David, Gavin;

Thanks guys.  I got thrown by the <UNDEFINED> output.  It's not shown in the tutorial so I figured it was an error of some sort.  You're all right.  After reading Gavin's response (because it came in first) I restarted and just kept going and everything works fine.  It turns out, though, that the <UNDEFINED> output isn't the only thing irb is outputting that's not in the tutorial.  I *hate* it when that happens ;-|

Anyway, now that I can see how it works, I'm on to using RoR to do a little test app.  Read in an XML file using REXML, store the contents in the db, then use Builder to write out a copy.

Thanks again,
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  On 4/29/06, David Morton <mortonda at dgrmm.net> wrote:
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    Bill Walton wrote:

    > irb(main):003:0> doc=REXML::Document.new file
    > => <UNDEFINED> ... </>
    > [BW]  I assume the <UNDEFINED> error message above is referring to 
    > Document.  One thing I don't understand though is why the 'require' on

    I don't think that's an error, I think <UNDEFINED> is part of the XML object.
    Irb tries to output some descriptive text about the object.  So this is normal. 

    Indeed, I tried a "puts doc"  next, and it printed the document.

  Yes, David is correct. I tried "doc.methods" and got a nice list of all the REXML Document methods.



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