[Instantrails-users] uninstall steps?

Bill Walton bill.walton at charter.net
Mon Apr 24 11:31:39 EDT 2006

Hi Erik,

Erik Bigelow wrote:

> I looked at the FAQ and did a search,
> but couldn't find anything.  Can anyone
> tell me what steps I need to take to uninstall
> this so I can install the latest?

You don't need to uninstall InstantRails (IR) because it's not 'installed' 
in the typical sense where the System Registry, etc. need to be cleaned up. 
If you want to move to the newest version of IR there are two easy options. 
Which one you choose will depend....

1)  If you want to be able, should you experience a problem with your 
application in the new version of IR, to verify that it's an IR problem 
rather than a problem with your app, then simply rename your current IR 
directory and unzip the new one.  I personally use this approach.  I have IR 
directories named InstantRails-1.0, InstantRails-1.1, and InstantRails-1.3. 
When I run into a problem with my app, before I start calling it a bug in 
IR, I copy the app directory to the prior version and see if it still occurs 
or if it disappears.

2)  If you just want to move to the latest version, copy any directories 
under /rails_apps that you want to save out of the way, delete that IR 
directory, and then copy your app directory (ies) back in.  You'll have to 
recreate the databases for those apps, but other than that, you'll pick up 
right where you left off.


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