[Instantrails-users] Newbie How to savefile as .rhtml

William (Bill) Froelich wfroelich at dbsnow.com
Wed Apr 19 09:52:50 EDT 2006

While I am only getting started with RadRails myself (and use Notepad++
as my editor).  Saving rhtml files from textpad is certainly possible.

When you save your file just type the filename as myview.rhtml and
change the Save as type to All Files (*.*).  This will cause textpad to
not automatically append any extension on the file.  Then when editing
the file later you should be good to go.

Hope this helps!


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I have Instant Rail and am working through the Agile web development
Book and stuck in a really simple thing have tried various means to get
around without success. Running Windows XP Home 2002.

How can I save a file as a rhtml?

I have textpad and the text editor with rail and neither let me save as

Came across a add in for ruby on rail for textpad still not working.
tried to mess with the windows file ext controller still not able to
save file as rhtml file type.

I know there is an easy answer because I have checked the archives and
from the headings cannot find a post with this problem.
Please help



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