[Instantrails-users] Application error (Apache) on virgin install of 1.2

Paul Russell russelldad+instantrails at gmail.com
Sat Apr 8 21:09:42 EDT 2006


Instant Rails has been great for development using webrick. I'm trying to
move over to apache and running into all sorts of problems. I've narrowed it
down to a virgin install and can'
t even get the demo apps to work. Can anyone help?

I just installed Instant Rails 1.2 on my windows 2k box and I'm seeing some
strange behavior when I navigate to http://www.mycookbook.com/. i.e. 
error (Apache)

Heres what I did:

   1. Downloaded Instant Rails 1.2
   2. unzipped it into D:/devtools/
   3. Changed my hosts file to include www.mycookbook.com
   4. started InstantRails.exe and confirmed apache and mysql started
   5. typed http://www.mycookbook.com into firefox
   6. I was redirected to http://www.mycookbook.com/recipes/list
   7. got a 500 internal server error consisting of the text in

Any ideas?

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