[Instantrails-users] Typo 2.5.6 Installed on InstantRails

E Gard x2egard at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 17 14:07:50 EDT 2005

Fixing the admin stylesheet routing issue.

Two more steps for Typo 2.5.6 on InstantRails:

1) Copy the admin css stylesheet

Copy administration.css

2) Edit the app's routes.rb

Edit the rails_apps\typo-2.5.6\config\routes.rb file:

After line 60 add

# Added this route after line 60 in routes.rb
map.connect 'stylesheets/:filename',
  :controller => 'theme', :action => 'stylesheets'

P.S.  I haven't had any AJAX problems with Typo.
However, I only use it on a single box and
do everything from the admin (add articles, etc.)
If you have AJAX trouble, are you using a third party
tool to manage you Typo site?

There is one other change, but I'm not sure if it
impacts anything:

line 19 Changed dispatch.fcgi to dispatch.cgi


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