[Instantrails-users] Installing Typo on Instant Rails

Juanma Cervera juanmacervera at gmail.com
Sat Oct 15 18:01:09 EDT 2005

I don´t know how to post following some thread.
 From where can I answer some specific message ? If somebody can help 
me, please

Well, I have followed the instructions from Ed for installing typo,
It works, but I have problems with stylesheets when I am logged-in doing 
the administrations functions in the blog.
I remember the same when I tried typo using fastcgi, CSS Stylesheets 
seem doesn´t work in that moment but work ok when you are not logged-in 
and are visiting the site.
And always work with webrick, there is no problems with webrick.
Maybe the problem is with Apache and not with SCGI.

Also, I have read the last message from Curt, and knew about the 
problems with Ajax.
I will test.

Best regards

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