[Instantrails-users] Configure Database not working

Cena, Resty rcena at epcor.ca
Fri Oct 14 17:38:27 EDT 2005

When I run Configure\Database (via phpmyadmin), I get the browser error:

HTTP 500 - Internal server error 
Internet Explorer 

The browser points to:

The error does not leave any message on apache's access.log and error.log, nor in the instantrails.log. 

Both apache and mysql are in the Started state. 

Also, I was able to run the cookbook sample application. 

When I  attempt to Create New Rails App (open console window), I get the following command errors:

c:\instan~2\rails_apps>cd rails_apps
The system cannot find the path specified. 

Looks like it should launch the process in c:\instantrails rather than in the rail_apps folder. 

Any help will be welcome.

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