[Instantrails-users] www.mycookbook.com not working - just shows apache page

Curt Hibbs curt.hibbs at gmail.com
Tue Oct 11 22:28:38 EDT 2005

Did you edit your HOSTS file and add the line: <> www.mycookbook.com <http://www.mycookbook.com>

Is you browse configured to use a proxy server? If so, make sue you've got
the checkbox checked to now use the proxy for local addresses (this is an IE
setting). Or better yet, as an experiment set you internet connection
temporarily to "direct connection" and then see if it works.


On 10/11/05, Ken Barker <ken.barker at gmail.com> wrote:
> Curt,
> This is really, really cool....
> On hiccup for me though. All was well until I went to manage the cookbook
> application. The Start SCGI command gave the following output:
> D:\INSTAN~1\rails_apps\cookbook>..\..\ruby\bin\ruby.exe script\scgi_rails
> start -p 9999 -e production -D
> ERROR: Could not setup a SIGHUP handler. You won't be able to get status.
> Listening for connections on <>
> Surfing to www.mycookbook.com <http://www.mycookbook.com> in my browser
> yielded an Apache Test page indicating that it is running correctly. No
> cookbook...
> Any ideas?
> WinXP
> Thanks.
> Ken
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