[Instantrails-users] www.mycookbook.com not working - just shows apache page

Ken Barker ken.barker at gmail.com
Tue Oct 11 21:43:03 EDT 2005


This is really, really cool....

On hiccup for me though. All was well until I went to manage the cookbook
application. The Start SCGI command gave the following output:

D:\INSTAN~1\rails_apps\cookbook>..\..\ruby\bin\ruby.exe script\scgi_rails
start -p 9999 -e production -D
ERROR: Could not setup a SIGHUP handler. You won't be able to get status.
Listening for connections on <>

Surfing to www.mycookbook.com <http://www.mycookbook.com> in my browser
yielded an Apache Test page indicating that it is running correctly. No

Any ideas?



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