[Instantrails-users] Typo 2.6.0: Typo Themes missing graphics.

E Gard x2egard at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 16 13:48:32 EST 2005

Hi Instant Rails Users,
  I was working with typo themes and the graphics for each theme wasn't showing.
  The httpd.conf file needs another adjustment so that themes in typo  will work.  Remove the "images" from the "don't use SCGI" section  below.  I had removed the "stylesheets" earlier.
  Hope this helps anyone using Instant Rails and Typo.
   #****************************** typo 2.6.0 ****************************************
  <VirtualHost *>
      ##### TYPO #####
      ServerName typo260
      # handle all requests through SCGI
      SCGIMount /
      DocumentRoot ${path}/rails_apps/typo-2.6.0/public
      <Directory ${path}/rails_apps/typo-2.6.0/public>
          Options +FollowSymLinks
          Order allow,deny
          allow from all
      AddDefaultCharset utf-8
      ErrorDocument 500 /500.html
      ErrorDocument 404 /404.html
      # (*** CHANGE FOR TYPO ***)
      # For Typo, removed stylesheets and images in list below - Ed Gard 11/16/05
      # The routing for themes uses SCGI to retreive stylesheets and associated
      # image files.  (The pics, pic2, audio, and pdf are static content I've
      # added to my own typo blog and don't use SCGI!)
      # (*** CHANGE FOR TYPO ***)
      <LocationMatch ^/(javascript|javascripts|pics|pic2|audio|pdf|[^/]+\.[^/]+$)>
          # don't handle those with SCGI
          SCGIHandler Off

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