[Instantrails-users] Where did I go wrong?

Kyle Burnett kyle at messageshop.com
Tue Nov 15 15:12:21 EST 2005

Perfect. I knew I had to be doing something out of order. Thanks.

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On 11/15/05, Kyle Burnett <kyle at messageshop.com> wrote:
> Man, I'm running into one thing after another with InstantRails. Either
> download is missing a few things or else my configuration is off. I'm
> to guess it's the later of the two.
> So I download, unzip, and start it and it should update everything on it's
> own, right?
> Then why is mine not finding rubygems? I install that manually and then it
> can't find zlib. So I install that manually and then it can't find scgi
> stuff. So install that manually and now it can't rind RubyGem rails.
> Good lord, how did I create such a train wreck with this simple install?

Here is what I did to get InstantRails working.  If you want to try
this way, and haven't already created a bunch of stuff, I would
suggest deleting your existing InstantRails install.

1.  I downloaded the zip file
2.  I unzipped the zip file
3.  I moved the folder "InstantRails" to the root of my drive
4.  I double clicked "InstantRails.exe" and clicked OK
5.  I followed the instructions in the README for getting the
www.mycookbook.com app running
6.  Tested in the web browser.

That should work for you.  let us know :)

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