[Instantrails-users] Retaining non-Rails customization over upgrades

DeeJay smartgpx at gmail.com
Fri Nov 4 11:41:59 EST 2005


Synchronicity strikes again!

You said:

"I could even include WinMerge "

Until earlier today I hadn't heard of WinMerge. It popped up on
lifehacker.com this morning, and I had pushed it onto my stack
of 'possibly useful tools to look at sometime'.

I've now popped it off that stack and looked at it. Handy! I think
that solves my problem for now, thanks.

Incidentally, I had considered the 'copy all missing files to the
new installation' option but had discounted doing it unilaterally,
(ie. 'mindlessly') because there might be times when re-instating
a file that has been deliberately deleted might be the Wrong
Thing To Do. (eg Version 'minus one' might have needed a
config file to force some unusual options to cope with some
immature code. Now the code is good the default options
become the correct ones. Dropping the previous config options
back in might break the behaviour of the new code.)

DeeJay, Leicester, UK

PS: apologies for the inappropriate suggestion about starting
FreeRIDE - I didn't realise until earlier today that it is another
of the projects that you are involved in. <Blush>

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