[Instantrails-users] Upgrading Instant Rails to Rails 1.0 RC5 (aka 0.14.4)

David Morton mortonda at dgrmm.net
Sat Dec 10 01:36:47 EST 2005

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Frank Hale wrote:
> Theoretically the same code should still work, right? I am a n00b with
> Rails and have only developed a very basic login system that works on
> a Linux machine with Rails 0.14.4 and MySQL 4.1.12. It only has one
> table and one model with a method that calls find. When I try to run
> the same code on Instant Rails using Webrick (that is my preferred
> development server) it fails to run giving me a NoMethodError. When I
> run on Linux it works as expected. If I comment out the find method in
> my model then I don't get the error on Instant Rails but yet the code
> cannot function properly without it.

I can't speak for anyone else, but I really can't say without seeing the code...

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