[Instantrails-developers] "Bounty Source" for hosting Instant Rails 2 development?

Curt Hibbs curt.hibbs at gmail.com
Wed Jun 14 14:14:47 EDT 2006

On 6/14/06, David Morton <mortonda at dgrmm.net> wrote:
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> Curt Hibbs wrote:
> >     I just took the path and browsed a repository:
> >
> >        Projects >> AjaxBookshelf >> SVN Browser
> >
> >
> > Also, a nice feature of the SVN browser is the it is AJAX based (plus
> > the code for it is open source and written in Rails).
> Ah it's just a matter of, there's no link from most of the projects to the
> svn tree.
> Ok, well, who's starting the IR tree?   :)

I hadn't got that far. I was just never real happy with GForge (used by
RubyForge) and have looked enviously at Trac. So I guess I was already
primed to consider alternatives.

My thought was to give this a try, stick with it if we liked it, and return
development to RubyForge if not (we would still release files on RubyForge).

I assume that we would have a separate XAMPP SVN tree for each platform
(Linux, OSX, Windows), and another SVN tree for the manager app.

I think Tanner would create the XAMPP tree for Linux since he's already been
working on it. Either you or I could create the one for Windows (ditto for
the manager app).

I still need to go create the project on Bounty Source. If nobody has any
objections, I'll go do that within the next day or so.


On an unrelated note...   My XP workstation got rooted pretty good.  (Insert
> insult to Microsoft's poor security)  In the process of fixing things,
> I've
> converted most of my daily operations over to Ubuntu.  I still have a
> windows
> partition, which I reformatted, so I can still do some windows
> development, but
> I also have a good Linux platform to work on too.  :)
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