[Instantrails-developers] Current Status

Tanner Burson tanner.burson at gmail.com
Fri Feb 17 09:33:19 EST 2006

As Elliot mentioned in an email earlier I've started work on tweaking his
build script, and porting it to ruby.  My hope is that by getting the script
out of bash and into ruby we should be able to port it quicker to the other
platforms.  At the moment I have it building ruby, scgi, mod_scgi, gems, and
installing Rails and a few other gems as well.

I'm working (as a previous email suggested) at coming up with a decent way
to handle the shebangs in all the executable ruby scripts, to make sure that
they point out the new install and not the default directories.  At that
point I'll have enough complete that I'll feel safe in putting into the
project.  I hope to get some time this weekend to hopefully finish off that
portion of it.  Looking forward to getting that ready so we can get some
more eyes and hands on this!

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