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William Morgan wmorgan-hobix-is-the-way at masanjin.net
Tue Jun 14 18:31:30 EDT 2005

Excerpts from why the lucky stiff's mail of 11 Jun 2005 (EDT):
> I've wrapped up and checked in the new search stuff today for 0.4.


> Why go through all the trouble to have the indices and entries on the
> filesystem?  It could all safely go in MySQL or SQLite, where the
> searches are much more optimized and experienced.

I know you set that up as a strawman, but I believe a RDBMS is the
utterly wrong solution for blogs. Unless you have millions of data and
things like concurrent modifications and ACID constraints are actually
important, an RDBMS is just an overhead-heavy, restrictive and
over-engineered solution.

The filesystem was, and is, the right idea for Hobix.


>  class Sketch < BaseEntry
>    _ :title,      [:req, :text, :search_fulltext]
>    _ :photo,   [:req, :text]   # The image filename
>    _ :when,    [:req, :text]   # The date the sketch was originally done
>    _ :medium, [:req, :text, :search_prefix]
>    _ :notes,    [:opt, :textarea, :search_fulltext]  # Feelings, whatever
>    yaml_type "tag:pix.hobix.com,2004:sketch"

BTW, this YAML syntax is new to me (possibly because I haven't been
keeping up with YAML) and I think it's great.

William <wmorgan-hobix-is-the-way at masanjin.net>

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