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Mon Aug 15 07:24:44 EDT 2005

why the lucky stiff wrote :
| A few questions:
| * Do you allow comments?  Per-entry?  Or per-language-entry?

As I'm stuck with a static blog (my ISP does not yet allow me to run
ruby on my account :(), I didn't look at the comment stuff ... In fact I
think that the best would be to have per-language entry comments ...

| * If an entry has multiple languages, is it more convenient to edit 
| these translations as a single file?  Or separate files, side-by-side?  
| (i.e. entries/hobixTips.en.yaml, entries/

Currently I do have only one file for english and french entries, and I
think it would make sense to keep this ... Lazy as I am, I know that if
I create an entry for the french version, I will be too lazy to add the
enlish one after ... Moreover it also allow me to add content to both
version easily ....

| * Do you want these entries to share metadata?  I mean if 
| hobixTips.en.yaml and share a `created' date, then you 
| really can't tell when you added translations of an entry.  But perhaps 
| that doesn't matter.

If the entries are different, I think it's better if they have different
created time ;)

| William's suggestion is along the lines I'd suggest.  The skel_* methods 
| are where transformations are supposed to happen.  I would also 
| recommend storing the language types in the IndexEntry.

Yup ... I'm going to have a look long this line ...
| That sucks that you're having trouble with technorati.  The JavaScript 
| switch between english and french is really cool.

I'm thinking about contact technorati support to see with thme if it's
normal behavior ... On the other side I've been told my Javascript was
not working using Safari ...

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