[rubyforge-cvs] [ 7·î 02 12:40] gettext/lib/gettext/poparser.rb

mutoh at rubyforge.org mutoh at rubyforge.org
Mon Jul 2 12:40:18 EDT 2007

Update of /var/cvs/gettext/gettext/lib/gettext
In directory rubyforge.org:/tmp/cvs-serv15009/lib/gettext

Modified Files:
	poparser.rb rgettext.rb textdomain.rb 
Log Message:
* src/poparser.ry, lib/gettext/poparser.rb: Don't append 
	msgids/msgstrs if the msgstrs don't set.
* lib/gettext.rb, lib/gettext/parser/ruby.rb: 
	Added GetText.nsgettext, ns_. This method has n_ + s_ function. 
	(e.g.) ns_("File|A file", "%{num} files", i).
* test/test_nsgettext.rb, test/po/ja/test_nsgettext.po: Added for
	the test ns_(), nsgettext.
* lib/gettext/rgettext.rb: Normalize msgids.
	_("Foo") and n_("Foo", "Foos", i) become same msgid "Foo\000Foos".
	This is the same behavior with xgettext.
	Reported by Sava Chankov.
* lib/gettext/textdomain.rb: Follow above changes.
	_("Foo") matches the single msgid of n_("Foo", "Foos", i).

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