[ruby-gettext-cvslog] [rubyforge-cvs] [Feb 20 7:35] gettext/bin/rgettext

mutoh@rubyforge.org mutoh at rubyforge.org
Mon Feb 20 07:35:06 EST 2006

Update of /var/cvs/gettext/gettext/bin
In directory rubyforge.org:/tmp/cvs-serv6645/bin

Modified Files:
	rgettext rmsgfmt rmsgmerge 
Log Message:
* test/gettext_test_locale.rb: Apply Locale.clear.
* lib/gettext/locale.rb: Added Locale.clear.
* lib/gettext/locale_cgi.rb: Separate from cgi.rb.
* lib/gettext/locale_posix.rb: Rename from locale_default.rb.
* lib/gettext/textdomain.rb: Add comments.
* lib/gettext.rb: Apply Locale::Object. Code cleanup. Add RDoc.
* test/gettext_test.rb: Apply gettext.rb changes
* test/test.sh: Remove OUTPUT_CHARSET setting.
* lib/gettext/locale_win32.rb, locale_default.rb, locale.rb: A first argument
	of Locale::System.get_charset becomes Locale::Object.
* lib/gettext/textdomain.rb: Apply Locale::Object, Code cleanup.
* lib/gettext.rb: Add GetText.add_default_locale_path.
* lib/gettext/locale_object.rb: Add Locale::Object#==.
* lib/gettext/textdomain.rb: Add GetText::TextDomain.add_default_locale_path.
          Pointed out at Bug#3510.

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