[Georuby-devel] Patch to geometry.rb speeds up as_hex_ewkb method

Justin Leitgeb justin at phq.org
Wed Mar 18 21:44:04 EDT 2009

Hi folks,

In some of my work at Outside.in, I noticed that importing SHP files with
the GeoRuby library was a bit slow.  Profiling on the import process showed
that the method as_hex_ewkb in geometry.rb was the biggest culprit.

I modified the method slightly to use "unpack" instead of the sprintf
conversion to hex, and the performance improvement was considerable...
importing 29 shapes from a TIGER shape file[1] went from about 45 seconds
before the patch to 10 seconds afterwards.

All unit tests in GeoRuby pass with the minor patch, and I verified that
several tested the method changed.  Any reason that this can't be applied

Thanks for creating a very useful library!


[1] - I used the "Metropolitan Division" file available on
http://www2.census.gov/cgi-bin/shapefiles/national-files for testing
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