[Georuby-devel] SpatialAdapter Migrations: Providing an option to not use AddGeometryColumn?

Leo Soto M. leo.soto at gmail.com
Tue May 13 16:16:56 EDT 2008


I have been continuing integrating GeoRuby and the Spatial Adapter
into an pre-existing project (with a pre-existent database), and,
until now, it seems to work fine.

But now I want to run a migration to create a new table which will
include a geometry column. Even before using the Spatial Adapter, the
following worked:

t.add_column :foo, :geometry, :null => false

But, as ActiveRecord didn't recognized the datatype, passed it to the
database "as is". So I had to manually add a check constraint for the

Now that SpatialAdapter is installed, it reconizes :geometry, and adds
the ndimsconstraint automatically, as a result of using
AddGeometryColumn to create the foo column. Sadly, it also adds the
columns to geometry_columns and adds a srid constraint. I don't want
that, because this particular column won't have a fixed SRID.

I see the following options:

 1. Use raw SQL instead of add_column. Ugly, but should work.
 2. Use add_column and later raw SQL to delete the column from
geometry_columns and drop the srid constraint. Even ugliest.
 3. Hack SpatialAdapter to recognize this scenario.

What do you think about the third option?

Leo Soto M.

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