[Georuby-devel] GeoRuby shp2sql error

Seth Chisamore schisamo at gmail.com
Fri Oct 12 12:55:03 EDT 2007

I have a quick question regarding a bug I am seeing with GeoRuby's
shp2sql.rb script.  I have successfully run the script and loaded my databse
on my windows development machine.  When I try to run the script on our
linux server I receive a "Not the same number of records in SHP and DBF
(GeoRuby::Shp4r::MalformedShpException)" error.  Is there any issues with
reading ESRI shape files on linux?

Thanks for any help you can offer,

Here is the full output from my script:

gisapp at gisdev1 :~/maps/current> RAILS_ENV=production script/runner
db/boundaries/shp2sql.rb db/boundaries/County_Boundary_Simplify.shp
Couldn't find Boundary with ID=1
-- drop_table("boundaries")
   -> 0.0008s
-- create_table("boundaries", {:options=>"TYPE=MyISAM"})
   -> 0.0262s
1.3.2/lib/geo_ruby/shp4r/shp.rb:148:in `read_index': Not the same
number of
records in SHP and DBF (GeoRuby::Shp4r::MalformedShpException)
        from ./script/../config/../vendor/gems/GeoRuby-1.3.2/lib/geo_ruby/shp4r/shp.rb:44:in
        from ./script/../config/../vendor/gems/GeoRuby-1.3.2/lib/geo_ruby/shp4r/shp.rb:54:in
        from ./script/../config/../vendor/gems/GeoRuby-1.3.2/lib/geo_ruby/shp4r/shp.rb:54:in
        from (eval):70
        from (eval):55:in `each'
        from (eval):55
        from script/runner:3:in `eval'
        from script/runner:3:in `require'
        from script/runner:3
gisapp at gisdev1:~/maps/current>
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