[Georuby-devel] post_gis_adapter's to_yaml function

Doug Cole dougcole at gmail.com
Tue May 30 18:26:09 EDT 2006

  I just tried to use the to_yaml function in the post_gis_adapter and ran
across some problems:

-first I got an error related to the number of arguments (1 for 0), looking
through the yaml code it looks like there's an optional options hash so I
simply redefined the function as  "to_yaml( opts = {} )"

-after fixing that I recieved the error "wrong argument type String
(expected Data) (TypeError)" which I haven't tackled.

anyone else run into these problems?  I was trying to dump some point data
from my postgres database to a fixture for testing.  Simply removing the
to_yaml definition fixed things, so that's how I've left it, but I thought
I'd report the problem.
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