[Georuby-devel] [ANN] GeoRuby 0.2.1

Guilhem Vellut guilhem.vellut at gmail.com
Sun Jun 4 10:55:02 EDT 2006

This post is to announce the release a few days ago of GeoRuby 0.2.1.
The changes are as follows:
- Correction of the output of the MultiPoint EWKT string to follow the OGC
specification, instead of what is shown in the examples (of the
specification) and output by the current version of PostGIS. For example,
the string previously output as MULTIPOINT(123.4 123.5,456.7 678.887) will
now be output as MULTIPOINT((123.4 123.5),(456.7 678.887))
- Modification of the EWKT input to support the correct MultiPoint EWKT
format, on top of the previous one. So both MULTIPOINT(123.4 123.5,456.7
678.887) and MULTIPOINT((123.4 123.5),(456.7 678.887)) are accepted as valid
MultiPoint strings.
- Addition of a bounding_box method on geometries. Return an array of 2
points representing the southwest and northeast corners of the box.
- Geometries that are aggregation of other geometries (line strings,
polygons, multi points, multi line strings, multi polygons and geometry
collections) can now behave exactly like arrays.

I take this post as the opportunity to summarize the changes in the spatial
adapter for rails since the announcement at the beginning of May:
- Addition of a to_fixture_format method to geometries to allow their input
into fixtures. It is the new name of the to_yaml method, which was breafly
present in the plugin. The name has been changed since it conflicted with
the to_yaml method of the YAML standard library, used in particular by the
ar_fixtures plugin (to dump data from the database into fixtures).
- Correction of a bug occurring when a geometric column had the name of a
PostgreSQL keyword (such as location)
- Addition of a find_by methods for geometric columns, which uses the
bounding box intersecting operator instead of the Rails default '='.


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