[fxruby-users] Just a few things to correct

Damián M. González gonzalezdamianm at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 29 16:25:25 UTC 2013

 Well I think this doesn't diserve to be in the bug-tracker list. Just a few things that I've noted in the documentation and in the examples packed with the fxruby gem. I think that I'm helping the community posting this.
> In documentation:   In FXText documentation:   > Bad dispelled STYLE_BOLD, it says STYLE_BOLD_   In FXListBox documentation:   > appendItem() method not documented, it doesn't appear but can be used
> In examples:  > The textedit example which is inside a folder, which is compossed by 4 files, is not working. That's because inside textedit.rb it's not requiring correctly the other 3 files, must say require_relative, and says just require. If you replace that 3 require with require_relative it works.  > Also in canvasdemo.rb there a couple of class which finish with bar which are not be calling correctly. For example it says FXToolbar and must say FXToolBar.
 See you around guys. Thanks Lars for supporting.    		 	   		  
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