[fxruby-users] Adding buttons 'on the run' to a FXDialogBox

Damián M. González gonzalezdamianm at hotmail.com
Sat Jun 1 14:09:55 UTC 2013

  Hello fellows, I'm working with a FXDialogBox, it have from the beggining a button, if you press that button 2 more buttons should be created in the bottom of the dialog, the problem is that I can't make it appear, I've tried many things: @dialog.create, @dialog.recalc, @dialog.layout, @dialog.update, @dialog.repaint, @dialgo.restore, @dialog.forceRefresh, nothink work. Also I've directly called those method to the buttons and his layout manager, nothing works. What I've noted is that a pixel appear in the upper-right corner of the dialog(inside it), don't know what's happening. Is there any advice that you can give me to solve this? Thanks. 		 	   		  
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