[fxruby-users] FXRuby installs broken on linux and Mac OSX

Alwin Alwin.Eekhoff at t-online.de
Fri May 11 14:50:12 UTC 2012

I installed Linux Mint on my testing equipment. As far as I know is
Linux Mint a popular fork of Ubuntu.

Trying    #gem install fxruby
generates a failure. I'm a beginner with fxruby so I can only assume
there might be a problem with path finding. FxRuby on OpenBSD works
fine. But Linux and BSD use different paths:

Linux: /usr/bin/lib/ruby/....
BSD:   /usr/local/lib/ruby/...

Regards, Alwin


/usr/bin/ruby1.8 extconf.rb
*** extconf.rb failed ***
Could not create Makefile due to some reason, probably lack of
necessary libraries and/or headers.  Check the mkmf.log file for more
details.  You may need configuration options.

Provided configuration options:
extconf.rb:31:in `find_installed_fox_version': couldn't find FOX header
files (RuntimeError)
	from extconf.rb:133

Lars Kanis schrieb:
>>  Unfortunately only the windows works now. It looks like FXruby 1.6.23 is
>> broken on Linux and Mac.
> Can you please post the output of gem install?
>> Has this been tested do we have instructions for
>> install on linux and Mac-OS????
> https://github.com/lylejohnson/fxruby/wiki
> --
> Regards,
> Lars
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