[fxruby-users] FXTable copy/paste issue

William Parsons wbparsons at alum.mit.edu
Sun Jul 1 21:01:02 UTC 2012

I have an issue with using C-c/C-v for copy/paste in FXTable in an application 
which uses fxruby under X.  (I suspect this is a FOX rather than fxruby issue.)
If I use C-c to copy the contents of a cell that contains a comma (',') and then
try to paste it using C-v into another cell, the contents get pasted into two
adjacent cells with the contents split at the comma, e.g.,

| Hartford, Ct |   ->   | Hartford | Ct      | 

and if fact, if the target cell is in the last column of the table, a *new*
column springs up unbidden to hold the second part.  Is there a way of avoiding 

William Parsons

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