[fxruby-users] New fxruby version and maintenance

Lars Kanis lars at greiz-reinsdorf.de
Tue Jan 31 08:45:27 EST 2012

Hi fxruby-users,

I just pushed "fxruby-1.6.22.pre2.gem" to rubygems.org. You may try it
with "gem install fxruby opengl --prerelease"

* The interim name "fxrubi" isn't used any more - it's now the
well-known "fxruby".
* Building fxruby from git is now easier: It's just "rake compile".
* Changed to x86_64-w64-mingw32-gcc (GCC) 4.6.1(from gcc-version
4.4.4) for windows binary gem.
* Published source/mingw32 opengl.gem that can be used in conjunction
with fxruby.

Your feedback is very welcome. I'm in particular interested in your
feedback to the windows-gem.

There are some nasty bugs left in the garbage collector code. I'll
have a look at it, in the next weeks.

Kind regards,

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