[fxruby-users] New fxruby version and maintenance

Douglas Allen kb9agt at gmail.com
Mon Jan 30 00:26:39 EST 2012

Tnx 4 this. I'm just learning a little about how to use git these
days. I'll bet we all could use some good pointers. I have myfirstapp
on github.
It's a rails 3.0 app. Let me know if you would be interested and I'll
get you more info else good to see Fox for Ruby is not dead. I'm
running Lenny DebIan here. What is the latest release of Fox? I might
install the libs for both C/C++ and Ruby.

On Sun, Jan 29, 2012 at 9:05 AM, Lars Kanis <lars at greiz-reinsdorf.de> wrote:
> Hi fxruby-users,
> since Lyle does no longer maintain this project and no other one jumped up to
> do so, I'll go forward with it. Even if I developed and maintain some rubygems
> (pkcs11, libusb) already, a project of this size (>80000 loc) and complexity
> is a challange. But, I'll do my best in maintaining it.
> What I already did:
> - start a new fork: http://github.com/larskanis/fxruby
> - add cross compilation for fat binary windows gem, so that I can release it
> easily
> - fix some minor bugs to memory management, etc.
> - patch fxruby and Rubinius so that they work together
> What I will do:
> - fixing bugs, react on posted issues
> - ensure passing test suite and stable releases
> - ensuring compatibility with newer Ruby/compiler/gem/etc. versions
> - releasing new (preview-)versions for Linux and Windows
> What I will probably not do:
> - further development of master/1.7 branch
> - OSX testing
> - introduce great new features
> - writing books about FXRuby
> What you can do:
> - test the gem with your apps and environment
> - write bug reports
> - of course development...
> I use a different build environment and different library versions than Lyle.
> The Windows gem is build by mingw cross compiler. So it might work for you or
> not - so please test:
> gem install fxrubi --prerelease
> "fxrubi" is the interim name of the gem, as long as I don't have the
> permissions to push to fxruby.
> --
> Kind regards,
> Lars
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I've tried gem install fxrubi --prerelease
but it does not build yet.
What dev libs should I have to get native ext to build?
Is there a pkgconf that I can use?

Keep in mind that debian should get a notice also that we have a
maintainer and that a package.deb might be of interest to its' users.

Thanks again and in advance.

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