[fxruby-users] New fxruby version and maintenance

Lars Kanis lars at greiz-reinsdorf.de
Sun Jan 29 10:05:13 EST 2012

Hi fxruby-users,

since Lyle does no longer maintain this project and no other one jumped up to 
do so, I'll go forward with it. Even if I developed and maintain some rubygems 
(pkcs11, libusb) already, a project of this size (>80000 loc) and complexity 
is a challange. But, I'll do my best in maintaining it.

What I already did:
- start a new fork: http://github.com/larskanis/fxruby
- add cross compilation for fat binary windows gem, so that I can release it 
- fix some minor bugs to memory management, etc.
- patch fxruby and Rubinius so that they work together

What I will do:
- fixing bugs, react on posted issues
- ensure passing test suite and stable releases
- ensuring compatibility with newer Ruby/compiler/gem/etc. versions
- releasing new (preview-)versions for Linux and Windows

What I will probably not do:
- further development of master/1.7 branch
- OSX testing
- introduce great new features
- writing books about FXRuby

What you can do:
- test the gem with your apps and environment
- write bug reports
- of course development...

I use a different build environment and different library versions than Lyle. 
The Windows gem is build by mingw cross compiler. So it might work for you or 
not - so please test:

gem install fxrubi --prerelease

"fxrubi" is the interim name of the gem, as long as I don't have the 
permissions to push to fxruby.

Kind regards,

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