[fxruby-users] fxruby on framebuffer , without X

Nataraj S Narayan natarajsn at gmail.com
Thu Feb 16 01:33:17 EST 2012


I fell in love with fxruby while coding it on an Arm-linux handheld,
200Mhz Arm board with a modest 64M memory. It was on an Angstrom Linux
distro. Worked like a song in whipping up apps  fast and worked
without a glitch.

Overtime, my company gave up on Angstrom distro and switch to an
Xwindow less setup on the handheld, running Qt apps on framebuffer
device (compiled , of course).

I am missing my fxruby days on the handheld. Any way to get fxruby
work on the framebuffer device, by passing X window system? Any libs
like DirectFb , which might be used in compiling Fox-toolkit with?

Warm regards


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