[fxruby-users] flushing - stops when app window is moved

David Lewis djlewis at triadic.com
Wed Sep 21 15:03:08 EDT 2011

I'm trying to get an FXRuby app to keep its window in sync with the
application -- in particular the progress bar freezes until the loop is
done.  Following instructions in the FAQ at...


... I put in an app.flush to make sure the screen stayed in sync with the
actual updates.  I know that is expensive, but I wanted to make sure. I also
preceded flush with  forceRefresh.

It worked fine -- until -- I moved the application window with the mouse or
obscured it with another window. Then the app window froze again until the
end of the loop. This is quite a mystery to me, as I am still issuing
flushes. In fact, the entire app window gets tagged "not responding" by
Windows and goes dim if I persist in trying to click in it.

I guess I could put in a delay, to let the queue empty, but that would
really slow things down.  Why don't the standard functions (flush, etc) seem
to work?

This is in Win 7, Ruby 192.

Thanks. --David.
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