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Ralph Shnelvar ralphs at dos32.com
Thu Sep 16 14:13:50 EDT 2010

Thursday, September 16, 2010, 8:30:43 AM, you wrote:

LJ> On Sep 16, 2010, at 8:30 AM, Robert Mitwicki wrote:

>>>> "I'd fork the project on GitHub...".

>> http://github.com/mitfik/fxruby    this is my fork

LJ> This is great! I'm looking forward to seeing how things go for you guys.
LJ> _______________________________________________

Lyle and all:

I am interested in helping but I am very much of a novice when it comes to many of the tools that are used.  I am, though, a really good C++ programmer.

I am clueless, for instance, on the weltanschauung of gitHub, forking, etc.

I am clueless, at this time, of how to build FXRuby on a Windows platform.

Would you guys be willing to bring me up to speed on these tools?

- - - - - 

Nonetheless, I'm a bit confused about the "age" of FXRuby (which seems to be remarkably stable).

Isn't it the case that FXRuby is "old technology"?  Is this the way to go?

Let me be clear.   I don't have an opinion about this, I simply want to hear other people's opinions.


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