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Ralph Shnelvar ralphs at dos32.com
Mon Sep 6 12:54:08 EDT 2010

Monday, September 6, 2010, 10:07:51 AM, you wrote:

BD> 2010/9/5 Robert Mitwicki <mitfik at gmail.com>:
>> Hi,

>> I looking for good solution for this functionality:

>> I have application with one text field and one button widget

>> When I click on the button I would like to add next text field, and so on ...

BD> You connect a click event handler in regular way and then add widgets
BD> the regular way as well. You just need to call "recalc" or "refresh"
BD> (or both; check that in the docs or just try which works) on parent
BD> widget (probably the main window) later.

The thing that causes most bugs with dynamically created widgets is a failure to call "create".

I highly recommend Lyle Johnson's (e)Book for a full explanation about how to do what you want.

Btw ... the creation of dynamically created widgets is beyond my skill set or I would provide an example.  I have not, as yet, gotten that to work.

Lyle, can I post the example from your book?

Yuo'll want to focus on section 7.7 of his book: Client-Side vs. Server-Side Objects

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