[fxruby-users] Is there a way to enforce a minimum (app) window size?

Paul Carvalho tester.paul at gmail.com
Tue Mar 30 17:32:58 EDT 2010

On 30 March 2010 16:59, Lyle Johnson wrote:

> I have not tried this, but see this question from the FOX FAQ:
>    http://www.fox-toolkit.net/faq#TOC-How-can-I-specify-a-minimum-window-
> Hope this helps,
> Lyle

Cool FAQ.  Thanks, Lyle.  I didn't know about that page.

DECOR_STRETCHABLE works perfectly (in place of DECOR_RESIZE)!  It lets me
resize the window but never smaller than the minimum amount of space
required by the elements in the window.

I also changed the statusbar property to remove STATUSBAR_WITH_DRAGCORNER.
 Personally, I like that UI style, but it does some funky UI bug thing if
you drag the status bar instead of the window edge.

I can live without the bug.. especially since I'll likely be passing my app
onto other testers. ;)

Cheers!  Paul.
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