[fxruby-users] How do you enable a button for any option change in UI?

Paul Carvalho tester.paul at gmail.com
Tue Mar 23 00:11:19 EDT 2010

Thanks for the reply, Lyle.

On 22 March 2010 16:10, Lyle Johnson wrote:

> Elsewhere in my code, I'd set @config_changed to false whenever the
> user clicked "Save Config", or to false whenever they made a change to
> one of the config values.

This is the part that I wanted help with.  How does the app know if/when
_any_ option has changed?  Do I need to iterate through every option and
check for status change?  Is there a method that tells me when an object has
changed from when it was first drawn/created?

> That sounds like a good job for the registry (FXRegistry) service.

Interesting.  I found some info at
http://www.fox-toolkit.com/registry.htmlbut no examples that I can
learn from.  Do you know of any examples?  I like
using the button.rb script for testing with.  If I can figure out how to
load/save the settings for that program, I should be able to transfer it to
my app.

Please let me know.  Thanks.  Paul.
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